Anaconda Raw Run with Patrick Switzer

Anaconda Raw Run with Patrick Switzer

Adventure, Image, VideoJul 10 2014

This March Alberto Alepuz (Perropro) and I went back “Offshore” for two weeks to catch up with the local people, see how Greener Pastures had affected the island and film three videos for Orangatang Wheels, Rayne Longboards & EDGE Boardshop. With so many incredible roads to ride and only so much time to film them uniquely, we used & abused our rental car to it’s potential to rally down as many roads as possible capturing amazing raw runs.

During our stay there was one road in particular that was worth going back to over and over. This road was nicknamed “Anaconda” for its relentless steep and curvy shape.

14% average grade

2.5k  distance

340m elevation change

18% steepest grade

Anaconda is in my books one of the top 5 roads in the world, and a perfect match for the style or terrain I love to challenge myself on! This raw run was filmed after 40+ runs and dialling the lines of the road.

I was riding:

Rayne Fortune V2 2014

Ronin Cast Trucks 180mm 45/40

Orangatang Kegels 80mm 80a

Vicious Griptape

Sikk Shades Huckleberry

Triple 8 Pro Model Orange EPS Helmet

Triple 8 Exo-Skin Knee Pads

Push Culture Crash Pants

Rayne High Society Gloves

Holesom Pucks (blorange)

Many viewers, my sponsors and myself were sad that I did not appear as a rider in Greener Pastures Offshore, so this filming adventure was meant to be a Greener Pastures follow up from the eyes of the Director & Producer.

We also had the opportunity to visit another island, so there are many places you may have recognized from GP Offshore, and many that are new!

First off, since Alberto and I chose to camp under the stars throughout the film trip, I wanted to capture the places we rested our heads from the night perspective.

Offshore - PS Website-9245


Offshore - PS Website-0867

Offshore - PS Website-0866

Offshore - PS Website-0862

Offshore - PS Website-0851

Offshore - PS Website-0818

And this location also during the morning. Spectacular!

Offshore - PS Website-0832

Next is the adventures and landscapes we enjoyed besides the roads!

Offshore - PS Website-9097-2

Emodicon Camera perropro

Offshore - PS Website-9097

Offshore - PS Website-9216

Offshore - PS Website-0972

Offshore - PS Website-9299

Offshore - PS Website-9104

Emodicon Camera perropro

Offshore - PS Website-0979

And of course, have to give respect to Alberto for all the skill and sweat he put into these two weeks.

He’s a pleasure to work with and is willing to cross any river to get the job done.

Offshore - PS Website-9101

For filming we used each of our Canon 7D’s with a variety of lenses:

Nikon 35mm f/1.4

Tokina 11/16mm f/2.8

Nikon 70-200mm f/3.5

Peleng 8mm f/3.5

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS

Canon 10-22mm f/3.5

Canon 50mm f/1.8

…and most importantly “duct tape!”

Comparing to using a single point suction mount we were impressed to see how stable and low vibration the follow runs were simply using a t-shirt to deaden vibrations and a healthy amount of duct tape to secure the camera.

Offshore - PS Website-0934

Offshore - PS Website-0930

Offshore - PS Website-0873

Before moving on, a quick note about the dangers of riding in touristic places.


Vehicles this large can be your worst fear, so always keep your eyes glancing a few hairpins ahead, instead of only what is in front of you! Sometimes they take up the entire corner forcing traffic to backup.

Offshore - PS Website-9088

And now, the roads…

On the island we visited besides where GP Offshore was filmed we kept encountering rough and quite poor road surfaces. Being disappointed, yet still optimistic we would continue down the roads either by car or skating to see if there may be more to explore. Somehow conditions would almost always improve to the point of finding stunning landscapes and immaculate riding conditions.

Offshore - PS Website-9229

Offshore - PS Website-9214

Offshore - PS Website-9211

Offshore - PS Website-9074

Offshore - PS Website-8960

Emodicon Camera perropro

And at this point you say… yeah yeah that’s great, but where are the riding shots!

Alberto claims he’s not a photographer but a videographer. I don’t believe it!

He captured engaging riding shots with the compliment of a very diverse location making each photo unique.

Offshore - PS Website-9084

Offshore - PS Website-8781

Offshore - PS Website-9072

Offshore - PS Website-9136

Offshore - PS Website-8866

Offshore - PS Website-9226

Offshore - PS Website-9190

Emodicon Camera perropro (all riding shots)

The island is an exceptional place and continues to wow the senses.

I mean… don’t go you’ll hate it. Worst time ever.