IDF World Cup Races Maryhill FOS & Whistler

IDF World Cup Races Maryhill FOS & Whistler

RaceJul 15 2014

Needless to say, it’s been a good start to the year taking 2nd and 1st at Maryhill Festival of Speed and Whistler Longboard Festival respectively. These being the first two world cup races of the season.

IDF World Cup Ranking July 14

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Maryhill Festival of Speed Poster Patrick Switzer

Emodicon Camera Don Sheffler, Maryhill Festival of Speed 2014 Poster

Maryhill is always a great challenge with so many competitors of such great skill. To qualify for the race, the time spread from 1st place to 60th and having to competing in the repechage race was something like 5 seconds this year! Hard to believe. Probably more than a handful of people lost out unknowingly putting excess time on their run since with TAG timing system wasn’t working and the IDF chose to use stop watches. A “ready, go” in qualifying usually means your free to go on your own time. Unfortunately we weren’t told that “go” was actually when the stop watch was started… Like we found out in the Philippines earlier this year, the “first world” way sometimes isn’t the best way. Wouldn’t have been an issue if the IDF told us. Of course they’d receive some laughs, yet at least they made due and made it work!

Regardless, I’m proud of Key Dougherty the professional mechanic from San Diego for showing all the pro skaters what’s up and taking first in qualifying!

Key Dougherty Maryhill 2013 Don Sheffler

Emodicon Camera Don Sheffler

I rode my Rayne Oracle slalom board for the third year, this time getting an upgrade of a Ronin spine and the new momentum inducing Orangatang 83a Kegels! The spine helped me get rid of the janky rubber & plastic wedging and 3″ hardware we are otherwise forced to use in levelling the rear truck back to 0° from the kicktail. It also adds torsional rigidity and a spring back from loading the beam while turning and transferring the twist from front to rear keeping the trucks in a way “communicating” to each other. With a maple board the difference is obvious, with Rayne’s fibreglass / bamboo construction less so, yet even minute details can still be improvements.

Rayne Oracle Ronin Mini Sikk Shades Booth

Sikk Shades booth

In the finals Dalua with his impressive push took a strong early lead. Me being 2nd off the push didn’t help for long as the rest of the group soon came to battle slowing us down and expanding Dalua’s lead. It took till the repeaters, my favourite section where the advantage of the slalom board made the difference and I made my moves to line up to catch Dalua (and his enormous draft) and leave the pack behind. In hind sight I caught up too soon making my pass in Cowzer’s where in my past 3 wins at Maryhill the checkmate move was made. With a headwind on the way to the finish, and Dalua’s weight advantage he easily made the pass to claim the victory he fought to achieve for many years!

Maryhill Finals Pass Douglas Dalua Patrick Switzer

Emodicon Camera Jose Cortez

Maryhill Podium Douglas Dalua Patrick Switzer

Emodicon Camera Blackdog Longboards

Patrick Switzer Whistler Festival Christian Barnard

At Whistler I played between three different boards, my pro model Rayne Fortune with 174mm Ronin’s, my pro model MisFortune with 150mm cast Ronin’s and the Oracle with 124/104mm Ronin’s the same I had setup at Maryhill all with Orangatang 83a Kegels. The differences in each were quite obvious, some characteristics good, some bad. The slalom board was the obviously silly choice, yet during qualifying I had my second fastest run on it. Unfortunately the wheelbase was just not forgiving with the rough pavement making it oversteer harshly when slipping out and for the most part was just tiring. If the track was smooth I believe it may be the ideal board as Whistler is basically a high speed Maryhill or a faster Teolo. The MisFortune was a simply grippier than the Fortune and even though I had my slowest qualify time with it, if it were have been dry on race day I would have raced it. Though in the end I did have my fastest qualify run on the Fortune. The times were roughly one second apart so really, what difference would it have made? Maybe an inside line at the right moment…

Fortune Ronin Harfang Kegel

In the dry the Fortune with Harfang grooves in the Orangatang 80a Kegels were the choice pick. A strong kick off the start and multiple quick slides with weight over the board was the key to the win. I was surprised in the end since the last two years I had done so poorly in the race. Maybe racing in the rain is just my thing… 😉

Chris Barnard Whistler Podium

Also GloriaRV ended up being an “MPV” (multi podium vehicle) this trip! Between Maryhill & Whistler David Dean, Max Ballesteros, Brendan Davidson, Brent Dubendorf were traveling with Tamara Prader & myself. At Maryhill Max took 3rd & myself 2nd in open. At Whistler Tamara took 3rd in ladies, David Dean took 3rd in street luge and myself 1st in open. I hope the trend continues through Europe!!!

Carve Van & Gloria

Emodicon Camera a Texan…?