IDF Update July 29 – Tamara & I in the #1 spots

IDF Update July 29 – Tamara & I in the #1 spots

Image, RaceJul 30 2014


IDF World Cup Rankings – July 29, 2014

While you and your girlfriend are enjoying the sunset or looking longingly into each other’s eyes, Tamara and I might be shralping some of the worlds finest roads, together, just for the fun and the thrill.

Have to say, I’m a proud boyfriend to see Tamara shaking things up on the world tour. That little skate squirrel has put her nuts in the right place this year and has been pushing herself harder than ever!

Even if both of us are only in the #1 spot till the next world cup, it’s an achievement that will be long lasting!



Now we’ve both took top qualifier at a race   Emodicon Camera Ramon Königshausen, Kozakov 2011

Tamara Patrick Dumanjug First Colin Beck

We’ve both won a race!   Emodicon Camera Colin Beck, Dumanjug Philippines WQS 2014

“Tamara Prader took out the women’s final, marking the first ever occasion of a couple winning the Opens and Womens races at an event.” – IDF Dumanjug, Philippines


We’ve been voted one of Downhill Skateboarding’s Top 5 Power-Couples

4. Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader – These long-distance lovers have been bump-drafting for at least a year and a half. When they aren’t traveling the world skateboarding, Pat and Tamara have real grown-up jobs: Tamara works at an architecture firm and has the stylish glasses to prove it, while Pat is finishing up engineering school.” – Max Dubler, Skate[Slate]

Downhill Skateboarding’s Top 5 Power-Couples


Tamara “shralping”    Emodicon Camera Jirka Livora, Kozakov 2014


Flowed runs in front of the pack    Emodicon Camera North Shore Surf & Skate, Maryhill FOS 2014


Took practice / film runs together   Emodicon Camera CGSA Downhill, Kozakov 2013


Celebrated!   Emodicon Camera Brad T. Miller, Whistler 2014


Held big muscle cheques together   Emodicon Camera Anna O’Neall , Catalina Island Classic 2013


 We’ve traveled “motorcycle rickshaw style” together   Emodicon Camera Michael Eijansantos, VLT Philippines


Bumped to tunes together, “I Love London!”  Emodicon Camera Gina Mendez, Mexico 2013


Wished each other good luck   Emodicon Camera Don Sheffler, Angies Curves 2013


Enjoyed rituals like wakeup mangoes in the ocean   Emodicon Camera Manu Duhamel, Oslob Philippines


And “chillaxed” in beautiful places   Emodicon Camera Patrick Switzer, Capetown SA


Hopefully we get to continue doing silly / fun things together, (not just skateboarding) in exciting places till we’re having wheelchair races down the aisles of the old folks home   Emodicon Camera Mt. Fuji