Maryhill FOS Heavy Hitters Raw Run 2013

Race, VideoAug 18 2014 Comments

Maryhill Festival of Speed is the NASCAR of downhill skateboarding, except we DO make right turns. This historical road provides a great challenge for the world’s best to compete against each other.


This specific practice run from 2013 was meant to be a film run for Rayne Longboards, yet we had wolves in the pack hungry for the chase.

In the IDF Rules & Reg it states:
“Some contact in close racing is natural. Racers who purposely spin, block, or cause another racer to crash will be penalized. A rider is responsible for their own braking and must avoid transferring speed to another rider by touching or bumping the back of a rider on the approach to turns. Deliberate, aggressive or repeated contact is not
allowed and will not be tolerated.

Of course this is practice. No one would do this in racing.