Offshore On-Sight filmed by Perropro

VideoMar 25 2015 Comments

Offshore - Daggers rule riding on the coast

Some of the best roads are not those with hairpin after hairpin, but gnarly weird shaped curves that traverse a mountain-side. Preferably the road ends at a small village and a dead end as is with this road!
Low traffic, loads of rock fall, yet still great pavement. The hairpins at the end were a testament to not judging a book by it’s cover. I was lucky enough to skate this once, then get out of dodge. Once was enough!

 Offshore - Scouting the hairpins triple 8 rayne edge orangatang ronin

Previously posted on the Orangatang Wheels Facebook page already with 200,000 views, here it is again for your sharing pleasure.

“Orangatang ambassador Patrick Switzer makes an on-sight descent of a wild and treacherous road somewhere offshore!”


Offshore - Finding paradise skating at the end of the road squat slide


Film / Driver: Perropro
Rider: Patrick Switzer
Music: Caribou – Sun


Rayne Longboards – Fortune V2
EDGE Boardshop
Orangatang Wheels – Cage 80a
Triple 8 – PSwiss EPS helmet, Exo Skin Knee Pads
Ronin Trucks – 174mm Pro lite 45/40
Holesom Pucks
Vicious Griptape
Zealous Bearings
Push Culture Pants
Timeship Racing Gloves

Offshore - Capturing the epicness of a steep traversing road