Super Mango Clinic Warmup

Super Mango Clinic Warmup

Adventure, VideoApr 01 2015

In the days before the event while organizing specifics with the local government and mountain officials Dandoy Tongco I had a few runs to get comfy again on this impressive track.

The section for the 2014 Super Mango Clinic is shown at ~5km long.
The 2015 section will be a bit longer to make use of the best additional corners on the track!


Tamara and I arrived in the Philippines and got out of the city in a hurry…


Welcome to Oslob, where you can get scared riding skateboards and swimming with sharks!


Where they drive on roofs,


…and Hermit crabs are plenty.

IMG_20150329_080838 IMG_20150329_080826

Local life is simple here. Our Filipino Nanay (Grandmother) provides us with a place to call home and trees to hang our hammock.


Working with local government is pleasantly easy as we prepare for the “Super Mango Clinic”. Here Epos, Tamara, Lars + family and I meet with the town Police chief, paramedics, minister of justice and peace, the moto-taxi association and town tourism board.

Thank you to these people for making the Super Mango Clinic possible!

IMG_20150331_140744 IMG_20150331_135903

Up on the mountain road we’ve hired the locals to build permanent structures to provide shade during the event. Our “Oslob Sports Sanctuary” is starting to take shape to promote adventure tourism.

For more information on the Super Mango Clinic go to: