Shoes On, Game On

Shoes On, Game On

Image, VideoApr 25 2016

On​ Running sent their Cloudsurfer shoes out to a handful of extreme sport athletes to do something fun and very different in their shoes. Their shoes were used by a wakeboarder, high diver, skydivers, surfer and a runner with a colourful idea.

Not a shoe for skateboarding, but actually a nice grip with the contoured rubber sole and comfy as a cloud absorption for long distance pushing or the daily push.

I did some selfie cam action with my Canon 7D and 10-18mm on one of the first warm and clear sky spring days while pushing through Zürich and doing runs at one of the favourite city skate spots.

Unfortunately my Canadian stick handling skills were not up to par and to my dismay I dropped my camera sending my lens rolling down the hill. With a trusty roll of duct tape I was precariously back rolling to finish the last few shots.



On Shoes Shoot-4866

The first photo I took once the lens was tightly taped back on the camera

I use the Canon 10-18mm because it is an extremely light and inexpensive ultra-wide lens, so if while filming a follow run with the camera strapped on the hood of a car and a rock shatters the lens or if it gets dropped, c’est la vie! Now that time has come, so I must make the most of it…

Fortunately as the lens rolled meters away from where the camera dropped I noticed and picked up the three plastic tabs which hold the lens to the body. Once home I used super glue to put these tabs back in place. It took some patience, tweezers, multiple layers of glue applied a few hours apart and a day to dry before mounting and testing.

On Shoes Shoot-4881

Surprisingly the camera and lens took the beating and continue to function

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.35.35 AM



On Shoes Shoot-4853

Thanks to On Running for the superbly designed shoes! Check out their lineup as these Swiss engineered shoes use materials and processing usually only seen on high end technical outerwear and equipment.


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