Malibu Snorkling2

creating a dichotomy   Emodicon Camera tamara


stoking the kids   Emodicon Camera My Life on Board


swimming with sharks that wont eat me


floating along with tiny waves   Emodicon Camera chad gibbs

Malibu Snorkling & Bodysurfing

getting churned in the ocean with friends and a smile   Emodicon Camera tamara

Squamish Patrick Squirrel

saying hello to little guys   Emodicon Camera tamara

SnwTr - Sunrise Hiking-0711

hiking up big guys (with a snowboard)

Offshore - Hiking for the view-9103

hiking off the beaten track   Emodicon Camera perropro

Mariachi Halloween3

going to “work” in a suit and tie (mariachi)

Patrick - Pool Party

playing pool…?!   Emodicon Camera ramon


getting silly   Emodicon Camera bruna

Old Skool Crew Board Meeting

reminiscing with old friends (Old Skool Shredders)   Emodicon Camera nuss


being in the wrong place at the right time   Emodicon Camera olivier


 retrofitting vehicles to carry “the goods”   Emodicon Camera olivier

Machu - Day2 Light Paint, Machu Picchu

light art with travel companions

Machu - Day2 Trail Crew

hiking to 4600m! (Salkantay Trail)

Machu - Day2 Acro Back Stretch, Patrick & Chris

acro yoga


 making certain appearances   Emodicon Camera mccrudden

Machu - Meditation

 putting my feet up and soaking everything in


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